The Way UpIt Works

Started February 05, 2019

$118.41 of $2,000.00

Raised by 1 people for down payment 

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CMG Financial (lender) contribution paid towards closing costs, per applicable regulations.

HomeFundIt pledged $4.50 to your campaign because "Someone Special" shopped with one of our "UpIt" partner stores.

October 04,2019

HomeFundIt pledged $7.61 to your campaign because Megan Boerner shopped with one of our "UpIt" partner stores.

July 26,2019

CMG Financial contributed $100.00

April 25,2019

The Way UpIt Works

Our Story

We wanted to find another way for home buyers to raise a down payment and created UpIt. 

When you or your friends and family shop with an UpIt retail partner, a portion of the money spent will be placed in a home savings account that can be used when you’re ready to buy.


• Raise a down payment through everyday shopping.
• Up to 20% of every eligible purchase pledged to your campaign.
• Get access to coupons, specials, and deals from UpIt retail partners.
• Have a group of people shop with UpIt to help you.
• Anyone can support you (friends, family, strangers).
• You can start raising funds years before you start looking for a home.
• Funds are available for a home purchase within 24 hours.
• No prequalification needed, start using UpIt in less than 5 minutes.

If you shop with a partner connected to this campaign the proceeds will go to a general account to help a home buyer in the future.