Solange & Joe's First Home

Started July 15, 2018

$8,100.00 of $15,000.00

Raised by 5 people for down payment 

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Elizabeth Fergieescu commented on your page

December 11,2019

we are all next to you

CMG Financial contributed $100.00

April 25,2019

Darlene Abbate contributed $100.00

April 09,2019

You are now a loving family and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous contributed $100.00

December 31,2018

Janet Manning contributed $100.00

October 08,2018

So happy for you guys! We can"t wait to meet little Callie! Love, Janet and Mike

DARLENE ABBATE contributed $100.00

August 29,2018

I am so excited for your new life as a family. Love you you both. Mom

Concetta Abbate contributed $100.00

August 20,2018

<3 congrats guys

Solange & Joe's First Home

Our Story

We have been married now for 7 years, together for 13 and are starting a family. Our baby is due March 24th, 2019. We could easily afford the payments, but are having trouble coming up with the down payment. We are currently following the Dave Ramsey plan and are about to start Baby Step 3B, and would like some help getting over the finish line. With this assistance we plan to purchase some property, large enough that our traveling families will be able to hook up RVs and trailers when they come to visit. This will also enable to have Solange's father to be closeby while having his own separate space, giving him the ability to be near family when he's home, but also to go on the road to preform his science shows as The Science Wizard

We would like to purchase within the next year to save us the high cost of our house rental and to give our growing family a place to put down roots.

January 03,2019

Happy New Year everyone! Everything is going as well as can be expected right now. Callie is very active, Mama is having some stomach issues, but she's going to the doctor today to see if they can provide any help. Daddy is doing Diner Dash to supplement his income until something better comes along. Grandpa is back until May. We have been able to put a little bit of money aside for our house fund and our main goal for the next year is to get this house funded. Thank you to those who have already lent their support.

December 02,2018

I just wanted to share this milestone with all of you. I am 24 weeks pregnant today. This is the "viability date," which means she can now survive outside the window with proper neonatal care. We are still hoping she starts in there a good long time, but her primary job now is putting on weight. Joe and I are working on some recipes I can bring to work with me to make sure she's starting healthy, we've been doing great with prenatal yoga, and she's doing well putting on weight. Her projected birth weight at this point is 7 pounds 8 ounces, though that could change significantly in the coming months. But she is pretty close to her Mama and Papa's birth weights. She continues to be quite active. Her Daddy and I have been talking more about places we might live and are working on a plan going forward to get him back to work. Now that he has gotten through the worst of the recovery, we are ready to move forward.

October 18,2018

Joe's Bariatric Surgery was a success! He is on the mend and doing very well on his diet and exercise program. Super proud of my hubby and all his successes.

I also wanted to send out my humble thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Joe and I are both looking forward to our New York shower and wanted to remind everyone to send in their RSVPs, even if you can't make it. We understand.

September 23,2018

Joe's surgery is a go! He starts his liquid diet Wednesday and he is scheduled for October 10th. Prayers appreciated!

September 09,2018

I've been thinking about how I wanted to say this. I'm pretty overwhelmed by it. Last Tuesday (August 28th) Joe was let go at his job. They said there was a slowdown and its a very small company. We'll be okay, but it doesn't leave much room for saving for a house. I have him selling my tuba and he's been working on some projects around the house to keep busy as we get our bearings. His last job was as a CNC lathe operator for a high end pen manufacturer. He really enjoyed it, so if anyone knows of anything in the Raleigh area that makes use of those skills, that would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your continued support.

August 28,2018

I had my first round of testing yesterday. I am 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant. All my results came back normally.

August 19,2018

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. For those of you who missed it, we shared this last week on Facebook after it was revealed at my Dad's 65th birthday party that we celebrated last weekend. I was hoping to use this not only in lieu of a traditional baby registry, but as a place to provide baby updates. Nothing major to report so far. Baby's heartbeat is good and I've been moody and having morning sickness. Pretty typical early pregnancy stuff. My first midwife appointment is next Monday, so I hope to have more to report then.

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