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About Me

My passion is to serve! I'm a Professional Licensed Realtor® with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and I pledge to help you with integrity for your Quality of Life. I am committed to acting fast in this market, walking my clients every step to close a transaction smoothly. As a result, you receive current real estate market information, determine the value of your home, and sell or find a home that meets your needs and priorities. Living in Utah and working with multiple services allows me to connect you to the resources needed today to market your home or find your home with access to over 500 websites. At the same time, I keep critical players informed during the transactions and their significant deadlines for a smooth transaction closure. Additionally, my brokerage has a distinctive brand and phenomenal reputation. We huddle around every transaction to protect our client's investment. 
 Furthermore, I'm a Military Veteran of twenty-three years. Our family has moved multiple times in the U.S. and overseas together and separately and in between had numerous duties; while raising our children. This is why I feel strongly about giving back through commitment, gratitude, and service, and I affiliate with Homes for Heroes 501(c)3, a nonprofit foundation that serves heroes across the nation. 
I am looking forward to talking soon, meeting you, and helping!
 Teresa Aguilar, Realtor® (385) 416-2098

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Realtor Disclaimer: Real Estate License # 12495956-SA00 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Momentum Broker's License # 12496976-BO00

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