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LICENSE# 300607


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About Me

Mike Grumbles is an owner and the broker of Gray Fox Realty located in the heart of downtown Franklin, TN. Mike's background is in Engineering with a BSME from Clemson University. Mike employs his problem solving skills to assist in your real estate transactions. Gray Fox will not only market your home but as a Full Service Brokerage, will be with you each step of the way, from professional marketing to the closing table. Thanks to technology and streamlined processes, Gray Fox can offer you a flat fee marketing agreement for $995* and let you keep the equity that you have earned right where it belongs, in YOUR pocket. Gray Fox Realty is also extremely well equipped to help you buy your next home in and around Williamson County. Whether a resale or a new construction the Gray Fox Realty team has experience to make the process smooth and easy for you. Just look below at our past sales and you will see our vast knowledge of the Williamson County area.

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Diploma:✓ Job:✓ House: Pending

Mackenzie Grumbles /

Diploma:✓ I graduated with my B.S. in Industrial Engineering in May 2021 from Clemson University. 
Job:✓ I accepted a scholarship and job offering with the Department of Defense through the SMART Program to work as a civilian at Eglin Air Force Base. 
House: Pending - Come May 2022 I will be moving to Florida after completing my M.S. in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University. 

I would appreciate your help in crowdsourcing my downpayment on my first house! This is such a significant moment in my life where I get to spread my wings. I am honored to have been selected for the SMART Scholarship Program (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation) where I will be conducting research at Eglin concerning GPS for drones in various applications and settings. I want to raise thousands of dollars by the beginning of 2022 since I need the funds two months before my closing date. You can donate directly to my downpayment or shop through my UpIt links where I can earn on average 7.5% back per purchase per retailer.

Realtor Disclaimer: MIke Grumbles is a REALTOR in TN focused on Williamson County with an office in Franklin TN. TN Lic# 300607

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