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Urban Nest Realty

LICENSE# S.0189621

(702) 635-0770

Sharlynn Roberts S.0189621 assists customers using HomeFundIt to raise their down payment by pledging $1 for every $1 crowdfunded up to $1,000.00

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Boost your down payment with HomeFundIt!

Three ways to get into your new home faster

Easy online registration

Collect down payment gifts instantly from family and friends through the easy-to-use, online platform.

Chose crowdfunding, Up It, or both

Get extra pledges toward your down payment when you shop at over 1,000 participating online retailers.

Grant 1

Earn up to $2,000 toward your closing costs. Match down payment gifts $2 for every $1 received plus get BONUS dollars when you shop and share.

Get Down Payment Gifts

  • Sign up online, set up your campaign page, and set your down payment goal.

  • Share your unique campaign link with family, friends, or anyone else in your network.

  • Anyone can give gifts up to $5,000 each, online, with a debit or credit card. No taxes or fees. No offline paperwork.

  • First time buyers can get $2 for every $1 raised through down payment gifting, up to the lesser of $2,000 or 1% of purchase price, towards closing costs.

  • BONUS! Get $10 per day, per share, per platform, each time you or any of your supporters share your campaign through the Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter buttons on your campaign page.

Get Even More When You Shop

  • When you or your supporters shop online at over 1,000 participating retailers through the UpIt link on your campaign page, a percentage of your purchase is pledged to your down payment.

  • Participating retailers pledge anywhere from 1% to 50% back on your purchase. Earn on average 7.5% per purchase!

  • You and your supporters can start shopping with UpIt as soon as you set up your campaign page.

  • BONUS! Get $2 for every $1 pledged through UpIt shopping. This includes your purchases and your supporters’ purchases.

  • Download and install the UpIt Chrome Extension to make it easy to grow your down payment every time you shop at participating retailers.

About Me

Buying your first home can feel overwhelming. I remember being a single mom with 2 young kids looking to buy my first home. It was exciting, yet equally scary. However, my Realtor was there every step of the way. Years later, as a Realtor, I fully understand the importance of being that helpful consultant and advocate on your side. I love to work with1st time homebuyers. It's so rewarding to be part of the journey, to help, educate, support and make the process fun. HomeFundit is a great tool for family and friends to help you gather your down payment faster. And my pledge and commitment to you is to match $1 for every $1 up to $1,000. My mission is to deliver an unparalleled real estate experience of buying and selling; at the heart of service, people and community. My vision is the change lives through 'SERVICE WITH PURPOSE' and connect people to their dream homes and communities; with a portion of each transaction donated for social good. Most important to me is building relationships with my clients and giving back to the community. I am a blessed mother of two kids, and a proud Air Force mom. I'm a Certified Military Relocation Professional, approved affiliate of Homes for Heroes, and a proud member of GiveBack Homes. Real estate allows me to do everything I am passionate about…meeting people, building relationships, marketing, helping others achieve their dreams and giving back to my community. I demonstrate and live by my slogan of 'REAL ESTATE WITH HEART'.

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