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Carrie Beamer, REALTOR® assists customers using HomeFundIt to raise their down payment by pledging $1 for every $1 crowdfunded up to $250.00

See State and Program Restrictions

Boost your down payment with HomeFundIt!

Three ways to get into your new home faster

Easy online registration

Collect down payment gifts instantly from family and friends through the easy-to-use, online platform.

Chose crowdfunding, Up It, or both

Get extra pledges toward your down payment when you shop at over 1,000 participating online retailers.

Share your campaign online

Earn up to $1,500 toward your closing costs. Match down payment gifts $2 for every $1 received plus get BONUS dollars when you shop and share.

Get Down Payment Gifts

  • Sign up online, set up your campaign page, and set your down payment goal.

  • Share your unique campaign link with family, friends, or anyone else in your network.

  • Anyone can give gifts up to $5,000 each, online, with a debit or credit card. No taxes or fees. No offline paperwork.

  • First time buyers can get $2 for every $1 raised through down payment gifting, up to the lesser of $1,500 or 1% of purchase price, towards closing costs.

  • BONUS! Get $10 per day, per share, per platform, each time you or any of your supporters share your campaign through the Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter buttons on your campaign page.

Get Even More when You Shop

  • When you or your supporters shop online at over 1,000 participating retailers through the UpIt link on your campaign page, a percentage of your purchase is pledged to your down payment.

  • Participating retailers pledge anywhere from 1% to 50% back on your purchase. Earn on average 7.5% per purchase!

  • You do not need to get prequalified to use UpIt. You and your supporters can start shopping with UpIt as soon as you set up up your campaign page.

  • BONUS! Get $4 for every $1 pledged through UpIt shopping. This includes your purchases and your supporters’ purchases.

About Me

Inspired and acquired from her 23-year journey as an entrepreneur and successful small business owner, Carrie Beamer ranks exceptional client service as her number one priority and a hallmark of her flourishing real estate business in the greater Austin, TX, area. Only rivaled by her keen attention to detail, Carrie’s calm, candid, and educational style puts minds at ease, as she navigates her buyer and seller clients through even the most intricate real estate transactions. Her business acumen and project management skills translate into a seamless, organized process, and Carrie is passionate about creating lifelong relationships with those she serves. Carrie is masterful when it comes to preparing and marketing her listings, and she utilizes a discerning eye for design in both readying a home for listing and marketing the property optimally. Her smooth, streamlined approach includes effective and innovative techniques to garner maximum exposure for her sellers. She looks forward to meeting you to learn more about you and what is important in a home goal!

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HomeFundIt gains national media attention. Featured on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Cheddar, and other major media networks.

Ryan and Aimee’s Story

When Ryan and Aimee heard about HomeFundIt, they were curious if such a service could give them the boost they needed to purchase a home in their new state. Within weeks, friends and family contributed to their campaign, and they became homeowners for the first time.

Hear Brooke's Story!

How HomeFundIt made it possible for Brooke to settle down without settling. Now she’s a nomad no more!

Realtor Disclaimer: PLEASE READ: Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give the following Information About Brokerage Services (IABS) and Consumer Protection Notice to prospective buyers/sellers/tenants/landlords.

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