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Serena Anderson assists customers using HomeFundIt to raise their down payment by pledging $1 for every $1 crowdfunded up to $500.00

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Boost your down payment with HomeFundIt!

How It Works

How to Crowdfund

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Start saving now, even if you don’t plan on buying a home for years.

Crowdfund with HomeFundIt

Crowdfund with HomeFundIt

Get the support of your community when you’re closer to buying a home.


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Start with UpIt and crowdfund later, or do both now! The choice is yours.

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New HomeFundIt Feature – Only Cash Back Program in the Nation Approved for a Mortgage Down Payment

When you or your friends and family shop with an UpIt retail partner, a portion of the money spent will be placed in a home savings account that can be used when you’re ready to buy.

How It Works

Over $1.5 Million Crowdfunded - Only Crowdfunding Program in the Nation Approved for a Mortgage Down Payment.

You can have a community of friends, family, and complete strangers make contributions to your campaign to raise a down payment and become a homeowner.

About Me

We are a company who loves what we do and loves our community as well! We have a foundation called the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) and every sold property helps to fuel this organization to continue to help youth in the community! Also we speak about suicide awareness and cyber bully. We are excited to help with down payments with this program and also help youth. Its a WIN WIN all the way around!

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HomeFundIt gains national media attention. Featured on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Cheddar, and other major media networks.

Ryan and Aimee’s Story

When Ryan and Aimee heard about HomeFundIt, they were curious if such a service could give them the boost they needed to purchase a home in their new state. Within weeks, friends and family contributed to their campaign, and they became homeowners for the first time.

Hear Brooke's Story!

How HomeFundIt made it possible for Brooke to settle down without settling. Now she’s a nomad no more!