JMQ & EZ First Home

Started May 08, 2018

$10,100.00 of $27,000.00

Raised by 8 people for down payment 

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CMG Financial (lender) contribution paid towards closing costs, per applicable regulations.

$950.00: [Samuel Zlibut] contributed

May 30,2018

$7,000.00: [Margareta Zlibut] contributed

May 30,2018

$100.00: [Anonymous] contributed

May 27,2018

$200.00: [Sarah Zlibut] contributed

May 21,2018

$250.00: [Vladimir Buliga] contributed

May 21,2018

$300.00: [Samuel Zlibut] contributed

May 21,2018

$400.00: [Margareta Zlibut] contributed

I can't wait to see you in your new place!!!

May 21,2018

$250.00: [Liviu Matei] contributed

May 21,2018

$250.00: [Constantine Coca] contributed


May 21,2018

$400.00: [ELENA GALEA] contributed

May 16,2018

JMQ & EZ First Home

Our Story

Recently married as of November 2017, Jennifer and I are graduate students at Vanderbilt University buying our first home here in Nashville. The Homefundme program will double your contribution up to $2,500 in donations for closing costs and down payment. We would really appreciate any contribution helping us towards our goal of $2,500. 

Meet the Team

Cindy Brown

Loan Officer

NMLS# 233788