Lauren's House

Started March 01, 2018

$3,820.00 of $3,840.00

Raised by 5 people for down payment 

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We hope this helps and you get a beautiful, peaceful home you can call your own. We love you!

March 08,2018

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Way to go, Lauren! ☺️

March 08,2018

Lauren's House

My Story

Hello! I am a 5th grade teacher in the Twin Cities. I am purchasing a home for myself in order to have the space I need to be successful. I want to buy instead of rent because I love the area in the Cities I have chosen and buying makes purchasing more attainable for me. As a teacher who is just starting out, a down payment feels daunting and the Home Fund Me program helps to ease the financial stress of having a living space of my own. 

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Spencer McLachlan

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