Kelly & Robbie's Home Campaign

Started October 24, 2017

$10,715.00 of $14,000.00

Raised by 13 people for down payment 

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June 21,2023

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January 10,2020

$25.00: [Cindy Brown] contributed

Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

November 10,2017

$75.00: [Anna DeBell] contributed

Love you Kel! So proud of you and Rob!

November 04,2017

$200.00: [Marley Mountcastle] contributed

I love you, happy birthday! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

November 02,2017

$50.00: [Megan Reiley] contributed

October 31,2017

$50.00: [Ryan Baybutt] contributed

October 28,2017

$5,000.00: [Stephen Baybutt] contributed

Happy birthday Kelly! Love you so much. Have a good time at the concert and be safe! (that's from Mom). Love Dad

October 28,2017

$5,000.00: [Colleen and Steve Baybutt] contributed

Happy birthday to our baby girl. We love you to the Moon...and back. We are proud of your choices, most especially, Robbie. We welcome Robbie into our family with open arms. Love Hugs Kisses....Mom and Dad

October 28,2017

$20.00: [Gracie Parrish] contributed

Happy happy birthday kelly!!!

October 28,2017

$25.00: [Grams and Papa Adkins] contributed

God bless! See you at Thanksgiving - Happy Birthday!! Soon you will be the recipient of my birthday cards - get ready.

October 28,2017

$100.00: [Heather Parrish] contributed

For my room! haha

October 28,2017

$100.00: [Peyton Douglas] contributed

We love you so much!!! Happy happy happy birthday! May all your dreams come true, you deserve it!

October 28,2017

$10.00: [Heather Smith] contributed

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! :)

October 25,2017

$50.00: [Alli Habib] contributed

I love you! Congratulations on the big move! Happy early birthday!

October 25,2017

Kelly & Robbie's Home Campaign

My Story

We are officially buying a beautiful 3 bedroom house on James Island with a big backyard for Baloo!! (Including a guest room for our visitors!) Our closing date is November 15th :) Our wedding is set for October, 20th 2018 here in Charleston and this really means a lot to us to be able to live together in our own home before we're officially husband & wife! We would be so appreciative for any donations from our friends and family. Thank you so much for your contributions during this big step in our lives! WE LOVE YOU!!

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