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Campaign Setup

Absolutely! Your minimum down payment will stay the same, but you can adjust your ultimate goal and add personal contributIons at any time. Keep in mind that you are on a deadline starting once you receive your first gift.
HomeFundIt campaigns operate on a 12-month timeline. The user must close on their home 12 months after accepting the first gift. Any gifts collected before or after the 12 month timeline will not count toward the down payment, and will be disbursed separately.
If you have completed the application process and are prequalified for a home loan but not making a purchase in the next year, simply ask your Fundraising Coach to deactivate your campaign. You can reactivate your campaign once you are ready to start accepting gifts.
If you do not prequalify for a loan you will not be able to launch a campaign. We will direct you to the appropriate resources to help you get ready for the home buying process, like a housing counselor and a credit counselor. A little credit repair goes a long way! Financial planners suggest starting credit repair 6 months to 1 year before shopping. We partner with housing counselors to help you get the assistance you need, whether it’s through us or another service.


If you do not raise funds within the 12-month timeline, the Fundraising Coach will conduct an assessment to determine if the goal is still attainable. In some cases, an extension will be applied to the campaign. If the goal is not attainable, non-conditional funds will be disbursed to you and conditional funds will be returned to the contributor.
Conditional gifts will only be disbursed if you buy a home. Non-conditional gifts can be kept whether or not you buy a home. Your contributors can choose whether to make the gift conditional or non-conditional.
You will have the opportunity to self-fund when you create your campaign. You can also choose whether or not to disclose that you contributed to your own campaign. This is a great way to show potential contributors that you are invested in reaching your goal.
Congratulations! If your funding exceeds your goal you will get to keep extra funds. You can apply these funds to a larger down payment, which may lower the insurance requirement and loan amount, resulting in a smaller monthly payment.
The funds are deposited into an escrow holding account with the Merchant’s bank and held there until you purchase a home or cancel the campaign.
If you buy a home, the funds will be wired from escrow account to the seller. If you cancel the campaign, checks will be disbursed accordingly.
Campaign contributors have the option to submit conditional or non-conditional gifts. Non-conditional gifts will go to you even if you do not buy a home. Conditional gifts will be returned to the contributor.
There are none! Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that charge transaction fees and take a percentage, HomeFundIt does not impose taxes and fees on your collection of funds.
HomeFundIt is designed for homes within the United States only. At this time, HomeFundIt is not available outside of the United States and we will not accept any funds from outside of the United States.
Connecting with your Facebook account is an easy way to share your story on social media. We recommend adding your Facebook account because the average Facebook user has approximately 350 friends, you might even have more! You can share your campaign with this trusted local audience. However, if you do not have a Facebook account or do not want to connect your Facebook account, you can create your login with your email account. If you rely on email only, make sure you have the email addresses for most of your friends and family members.


Our typical processing time is 1-2 days after the transaction has been made on the affiliated merchant’s website, but processing time may vary depending on the affiliated merchant.
Unfortunately, your pledge will be removed if you return your item. You can always pledge again next time you shop with one of our affiliated merchants.
Your pledge is conditional, meaning if this HomeFundIt user does not go through with a home purchase, your pledge will be withdrawn from the user’s account and reapplied toward other HomeFundIt efforts.
Each merchant decides what percentage of the transaction will be pledged. This percentage will be displayed on the deals listed against a given affiliated merchant.
Yes! Each time you shop at the affiliated merchant you will have a chance to share your pledge on social media and help the HomeFundIt user spread the word and get even more contributions.
When you shop at one of our Affiliate Partners using the ‘Shop to give’ link on the campaign page, a portion of your purchase will be deposited into the select HomeFundIt account.