Buying your first home is exciting!

Many people avoid homeownership because of the financial strain and stress they believe they are going to incur. Many renters become so burdened by rising rental costs, that they are unable to save for a down payment, even though they could easily afford a mortgage payment.

HomeFundIt is designed to help everyone afford homeownership.

In most regions of the country, monthly mortgage payments are lower than the cost of renting. Renters may experience financial difficulty transitioning into owning a home because of these skyrocketing rents and an inability to save. HomeFundIt alleviates that dilemma.

Developed by a leading lender, the HomeFundIt network includes

Our resources are at your disposable to determine what financing solution best fits your immediate and long-term financial goals.

HomeFundIt enables potential home buyers to crowdsource down payment funds beyond their immediate network. Through social sharing, you gain a more significant reach outside of friends and friends of friends. Partner with a Fundraising Coach to strategize the best ways to maximize your campaign exposure.

  • To get started, create a HomeFundIt Account and get prequalified for your loan.
  • When you have a budget and timeline in mind, activate your campaign.
  • Once your first gift is collected, you will have 12 months to close on your new home.

Any other questions? We are here to help! Your Fundraising Coach and other resources will be accessible throughout the process to answer any of your questions about planning for your new home.