Buying your first home is exciting!

When you become a homeowner, you join a community, get out of the volatile rental market, and start building wealth. First-time home buyers face unique challenges on the road to homeownership.

HomeFundIt is here to help.

Since the Financial Crisis, saving for a down payment has become the biggest obstacle to homeownership. Between the cost of student debt and saving for retirement, many prospective borrowers are being priced out of homeownership. Home Fund It is the accredited platform for people who want to be homeowners to crowdsource funds for their down payment.

First-time home buyers are especially great candidates for the HomeFundIt program because of the challenges they face. Homeowners looking to move can use the sale of their current home to fund the down payment on their new home. First-time home buyers often need a starting point. Leverage life events like graduations, holidays, and growing your family as an opportunity to accept contributions toward your down payment.

We’re here to fund your way home.

  • To get started, create a HomeFundIt Account and get prequalified for your loan.
  • When you have a budget and timeline in mind, activate your campaign.
  • Once your first gift is collected, you will have 12 months to close on your new home.

Any other questions? We are here to help! Your Fundraising Coach and other resources will be accessible throughout the process to answer any of your questions about planning for your new home.