Crowdsource Gift Giving

Milestones like weddings, graduations, and growing families are often associated with gift giving and registries. You can use HomeFundIt in place of a traditional gift registry to crowdsource funds for a down payment on a home.

Turn your big day into an investment in your future.

HomeFundIt functions like any other registry. Guests are invited to contribute funds to your down payment and you get a head start on the home financing process. Your campaign will not launch until you are prequalified for a home loan. Getting prequalified helps you determine your budget and set expectations ahead of time. Plus, you’re one step closer to owning a home.

With an average guest list of 120 attendees and the average wedding gift value of $186, your big day could be the first day of a sound financial future. Buying a home is an investment in an appreciating asset. What is more valuable to you, blenders or homeownership?

What is more valuable to you — blenders or homeownership?

  • To get started, create a HomeFundIt Account and get prequalified for your loan.
  • When you have a budget and timeline in mind, activate your campaign.
  • Once your first gift is collected, you will have 12 months to close on your new home.

Any other questions? We are here to help! Your Fundraising Coach and other resources will be accessible throughout the process to answer any of your questions about planning for your new home.